Buylist Policies

A Guide to using our Buylist and Our Policies;

All buylist requests must be sent to us via the websites inbuilt buylist facility, we can't accept buylists that are sent via email, to use our buylist facility first register, then use the buylist button, this will allow you to search our databases for cards by set and will give you the option to see our Cash or our Credit Prices. 

Once submitted please wait for the official proposal email to arrive, this will be the second email that you receive from us. After you submit your buylist, we will double-check that we want to buy everything at the prices listed on the Buylist. Usually this takes less than one working day, but please read this email carefully when it arrives because sometimes we do make changes to prices and quantities of cards. If you do not receive a confirmation email within two working days, please contact us at

All prices are subject too our staff grading the cards to the same level that you have, if we dont believe them to match the grading submitted, we will grade them and offer an amended price (advice on gradings is mentioned below, please use this guide) we will email you with an update to the prices we can offer and upon receipt of your response we will process your payments, we can buy foreign language cards upon request this will require an email to us in addition submitting the buylist and we will confirm what we can offer for the cards in question.

The buylist will give you the option for cash or credit, either payment method will not be processed until we have checked through the submission and will then send you a confirmation, we aim to process all buylists with 48 hours of receipt.

If, for any reason, you wish for your buylist, or individual cards from your buylist, to be returned please contact us as soon as possible by emailing , you will be liable for any postage costs for insured shipping to make sure that the cards in question are returned too you.

How To Send Your Cards

If you complete the following steps it will help us to process your buylist promptly

Please include a print of your confirmation email, this should include a list of the cards you added to the buylist and your name and address details.

We receive high levels of buylists. Please make sure you organise the cards in the exact order they are displayed in your confirmation emails. If the cards arrive disarranged it may cause a delay to the processing of your order. We reserve the right to return cards in extreme cases, i.e. if your buylist contains several hundred cards and it has not been arranged correctly.

Please pack your cards securely. Dont wrap your cards with rubber/elastic bands or selotape, this is likely to damage your cards and risk them being rejected. We recommend packing your cards in bubble mailers or plastic cases/boxes that have been designed for storing cards. High value cards should be sleeved and then placed in toploaders. Please ensure your cards are secure and will not move around in transit.

Your cards are valuable to you. We strongly recommend you use a traceable mailing option such as Parcelforce, Special or Recorded delivery to send your buylist to us. These options provide varying levels of insurance in the event your buylist does not arrive. If you do not pay the correct postage, the postage and fees incurred from this will be deducted from your buylist payment.

Due to the nature of card price changes, any approved buylists not received by us within 10 days of approval will be Void and the buylist will need to be resubmitted at current prices.

Our Grading Guidelines

Once the buylists have been received, the individual cards are checked by our buying team members. We will endeavour to contact you if any of your cards are re-graded and this causes a significant change to the value of the card or Buylist, however the grading decisions of the experts are final.

Near Mint

Cards from newer sets in Near Mint condition will generally have been opened straight from the booster. Other cards in this condition may show signs of very slight wear from shuffling and may also have, but not restricted to, small nicks, scratches, border wear and wear that is not immediately noticeable when the card is sleeved. 

Older cards in this condition may show little or no signs of aging, dirt or possible clouding on foils. 

Minor Printing Defects. Lines, minor packaging-related border damage, or other small defects will not affect the grade of the card. 

Light Play

Cards graded as Light Play will show sign of general play, may have tournament stamps, signatures (Artist or Magic: The Gathering related signatures) or moderate manufacture/printing defects.

Cards in this category will NOT have signs of inking, water damage, rips, tears or writing (other than signatures).  

Cards in this category are normally legal for tournament use once sleeved. 

Moderate Play

Cards graded as Moderate Play may show any amount of wear, and any type of wear, but will usually still be legal for tournament play once sleeved. 

Heavy Play

Cards graded as Heavy Play show significant wear and may not be legal for tournament use, even when sleeved. 


We do not sell cards graded as Damaged through our website. Cards submitted through our Buylist facility and/or received in this condition may or may not be rejected at the discretion of our buying team. 

 Kind Regards,

Mox in the Hole