Meet Mox in the Hole

Who are we?
Mox in the Hole is a Local Game Store based in Edinburgh (18-20 Lochrin Buildings, Edinburgh, EH3 9NB), we aim to offer a wide array of products and events at the best value we can.
Our Ethos is that where possible we offer a discount from a products RRP usually around 15%  and in cases where there is no RRP like Trading Card Games singles we aim to be competitive on price.

What do we do?
We run regular events for various Trading Card Games, Regular RPG sessions, a growing board games library and plenty of tables and terrain available for a wide variety of miniature gaming.

How do we do this?
We are open 7 Days a week from 10am-10pm in this time we will have scheduled events which have their own entry fees and prizing structures. In addition to this any table can be used on a casual gaming basis for example to use the board games library. For this we charge a table fee of £3.00* per person this lasts all day.

*We also offer a membership program used by many of our regular customers where they pay £25 a year, in return for this the table fee drops from £3.00 to £1.50 per session and they receive an additional 5% off at checkout.
We have been doing a lot of renovation on the store and there is still much more to come but please a video offering a current walk around video.