Table Booking and Games Library

As well our regularly scheduled events for most games, we do have tables available for use for casual gaming whether its for RPGs, Tabletop Miniatures, Board Games or TCGs.
On Non-Wargames tables we charge a £5 table fee which is reduced to £2.50 with a Membership.
For Wargames Tables the Table Fee is £6 for Non Members or £3 for Members
If you want to book a table use this link below:
Wargames Tables are unavailable to book on Tuesdays, or on Fridays and Saturdays due to demand from events.

If you can choose which game type on the drop down to make sure we have the appropriate table space aside for you.

We do have a Board Games library if you would like to see what's available we have it listed below.
MoxInTheHoleEdin | User Collection | BoardGameGeek